Part of the Cult Crew stuck around after Dak Friday and filmed in the Valley around Kings, also a new member.. Dan Foley, who in my opinion is one of the most talented well rounded riders in the game right now. Just watch the video to know. 


We currently live in a time where bmx pro is a loose term, some brands add multiple "Pros" at a time at all times of the year. I feel like this way of doing it really brings down the value of a BMX Pro. Then we have Cult..they've been in the game 6 years and have only added Andrew Castaneda to their Pro squad....and now Sean Ricany who is arguably one of the best riders in the game right now. Only 2 riders in 6 years, that makes this a big deal and I guarantee what they drop on 3/1/16 will truly show what being Pro is. Stay tuned.